Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning 7

This past weekend my sweet little boy (who gets less little with each passing day) turned 7. He celebrated with his very first sleepover, complete with video games, junk food, and talking about girls. (Okay, just one girl in particular ;)

Saturday was party day. We were going to have water games, but the day proved a tad too chilly. The kids played video games, played in the sandbox, took turns on the swingset, and tried to bust the titanium plated pinata. There was cake. There were prizes. There was fun. Good times...

Sunday he opened presents from Daddy and Mommy. He got books, dvds, and a guitar.

He's already got a cool, slide-on-my-knees move. He's destined for greatness, I tell ya. And he even posed the question, "Can I please be in a rock band? I promise I won't forget God!"

I'm so proud of all my babies...and I'm already thinking of more. Perhaps I should reread those pregnancy update posts...

Sigh... =)

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