Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Harvest Decorations

Yesterday was Autumn Day here at our house. We decided to make school a day of preparation for Fall. We had a great time! (Have I mentioned homeschooling is the best?!)

We started with a trip to the Farmer's Market in Nashville...there we picked out several pumpkins. (All for only $5!)

Then we met my sweet husband for lunch and a nature walk at the park. The kids collected leaves, sticks, and spent some time on the playground.

After we dropped Daddy off at work, we made our way back home where the kids got to work painting their little white pumpkins...

Next we set to work trying to add some touches of Fall to the house...

(The one in the middle is real...the others are fakes leftover from my sister's wedding.)

More ribbons and bows leftover from my sister's wedding...

The upcycled sweater pumpkin my mom got be last year...

 And here are some outside shots. The four little pumpkins came from our garden this year...and the big one we picked up from the Farmer's Market. Oh, and the cornstalks are from our garden as well.

I hope you enjoy all the coming season has to offer: cooler days, warm fires, boots, snuggly sweaters, and the fruits of the harvest!

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