Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chair Turned Planter...

I bought a chair from my sister at our yard sale.

A chair with a hole in the seat. 

And then I made a bigger hole.

With a knife.

This is its story.

[Insert Law and Order bum-bums]

So I saw an idea some time ago...an idea about turning an old or antique or unwanted or well, you get the picture, chair into a planter. I really wanted to try it! Here's what I did...

Remember I said I bought this chair from my sister? Well every time my husband and I went to sit down on it, it creaked and cried like we were bound to hit the floor...So what's the harm in cutting it up, right? 

First I had to measure an old toy tub to make sure it would recess into the chair like I wanted...there was just enough room. Then I cut around the tub with a serrated knife...The tub fit very snugly into place.


Next I spray-painted the old tub black. After I inserted the tub, I filled it with some annuals from Wal-Mart that my daughter and I picked out. I added a little extra soil to fill in the bare spots. I then took a wooden plaque that I had painted with chalkboard paint (the plaque was $1 @ Wally-world) and I added some colorful material and some paint around the edge. I added our house number and VOILA! My new beautiful chair-turned-planter!!! 

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  1. I wasn't sure what was happening when I heard you sawing apart the chair in the bedroom, but I sure do like this craft. Might be my favorite so far. Thanks for making our home so beautiful. Now, is the audible picture of me sitting in the chair supposed to be a hint to lose some weight?

  2. Beautiful, you artsy, crafty woman , you!!