Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Birthday Boys

September is a birthday month at our house...We have two birthdays to celebrate - Dad's and our oldest's. (Can't wait til January...that's when it's our girl's and mine!! ;))

Yesterday we wished a Happy Birthday to our oldest son!!! He is a beautiful person... He has a desire to please God and a gentleness and kindness that makes him a VERY likable person. =) We are planning to celebrate with a party later this week, but yesterday we had pizza rolls and brownies for dinner since it was the big day!! (YAY!)

And speaking of parties...we recently had a surprise 30th Birthday Party for my sweet husband...Okay, it ended up NOT being a surprise. (But I didn't spill the beans, so I'm proud of myself.) It is very hard to keep a secret for that long when you have invited several people. BUT there was one element that he didn't know about. It was a Costume Party! FUN! =)

The party had a literary theme...guests were invited to come dressed as a couple or duo from literature...When they arrived they had Hello name tags to fill out...

My husband and I were The Man In Black & Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride

He had his costume waiting for him when he arrived...He was very surprised!

My sister catered the party and did an amazing job! I think everyone enjoyed the food and the Literature Game we played...The birthday boy was the victor! (How fitting!)

My babies were Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan...

(And for the sake of my gothic friend, I didn't post her picture...because I'm sweet like that.)


  1. Thanks. Alot.
    Goth Girl

  2. I just saw this! =) I did notice you can see you in the background of one of the pics =D