Friday, September 30, 2011

A morning in the life of me...

  • 7:00 something AM - E let me sleep late (Thank you, sweetie)
  • Baba already made coffee for me before he left for work. (You are amazing, honey.)
  • Mug of Joe made.
  • Baby fed, changed.
  • Open windows. AC still out...
  • Breakfast orders taken (in a Jersey accent, of course...ever the flair for dramatics)
  • Poptarts, cinnamon toast crunch and oj. Blueberry muffins in the oven. (internal debate over the fact that I should just eat eggs because they are less calories and keep me full...sweetness prevailed over sensibility)
  • "Why did you draw all over your legs with pen, sweetie?" Sigh...
  • E dressed. With leggings.
  • 8:45 ish Daddy calls to chat
  • Muffins out of oven.
  • Feed Baby.
  • Morning routine time for kids - a little late
  • Morning routine time for me
  • Thinking about sharing morning routines and family schedules. Weighing privacy...
  • Proofreading this post. I capitalized Joe. But I didn't change it. Picturing a cup with a little man named Joe standing inside tickles me, so I keep it.
  • Publish post.

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