Thursday, October 6, 2011

Projects Galore!

There once was a girl. She decided that she was tired of moving and wanted to root into a comfy spot and stay there a while. She moved into a nice country house. She loved crafts. She loved home improvement. These are her stories.

[insert law and order dum-dum sound]

Take a look-see.

I gathered all my little project materials into one spot. As you can see there is a wide variety of supplies ranging from outside tools, to a cute light switch cover for Miss E's room redo.

I thought since I love to see renovations and craft projects, that I would share my experiences in hopes that some of my readers would enjoy the same.

Let's start with a the master bath redo. When we bought the house it came with a standard, run of the mill paint job. It was nice, clean, and new. (Oh still is. Well, at least you get to be a part of the transformation from the beginning. :) ) Thus far we have bought new towels, replaced the former towel holders with a brushed nickel variety, got a new register for the floor, and spray painted the brass light fixture. (I don't heart brass.) One of my dear friends generously gave us an almost full gallon of paint that I plan to use in the space. It's a coppery brown that I think will work nicely. We also got a new light fixture. We are planning on putting our master bedroom upstairs in the future, so we are content with doing a simple update to the downstairs bath. I'm already dreaming about clawfoot tubs, gigantic showerheads, and chandeliers for the upstairs bath. Well...a girl can dream anyway...

Here are some before pics of the bathroom...

I hope you'll join me as I share our projects and home improvement journey.

As is stands our house is beautiful, but lacks in character. And since our family certainly isn't lacking in that area, I hope to reflect our uniqueness in our home.

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