Tuesday, October 27, 2015


[Disclaimer: This post won't have pictures...feel free to run away now if you don't feel like reading the post!]

I've been making lots of tree skirts for my etsy shop, Burlap & Blossoms. Glad to be starting a little earlier this year to catch the early birds like me. Come November 1st, it's time to deck the halls. (Dang it...do I need that comma?? Geez, I'm such a comma glutton. I digress.)

I'm so looking forward to Christmas shopping this year. It's so fun to surprise the kiddos. We also have a Christmas vacation planned! Four families under one roof isn't normally paradise for an introvert. However, when you've all got plenty of room, a movie theater, and plenty of outdoor space, it works. :)

School is going so much better than last year, mainly thanks to Life of Fred. Good grief, I was so tired of the other math books. They ask to do math now. It's so much better.

Speaking of happy kids, they are super pumped to be going trick or treating this weekend. I've got Spiderman, a skeleton, and the piece de resistance: a volcano. Some little girls want to be princesses...but my girl wants to be a volcano. (With lava pouring down her face, no less)

I'm super pumped about going to Disney again next year. I'm determined to take all the kids again. Our last vacation was so much fun. There's something about coming together with little to no responsibilities and just being silly and having fun together. It is so special to me. The oldest has requested Legoland again. They had a good time there, too. (Partly because of their first experience with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Their minds were blown.)

In other news, I finally made it to the third part of Lord of the Rings. WOOHOO. Thought I'd never be done with Gollum in the Two Towers. I've been a fan of the movies for years, thanks to my husband. I'm so glad I decided to read the books, though. I won't say one is better, because they are both good...but come on, Peter Jackson, I really needed Tom Bombadil in the movies. I even named my pet guinea pig after him...

If you're anxious for more unsolicited opinions about media, then let me tell you: I am loving this season of Doctor Who! And when they announced River is coming back for the Christmas special I had tears in my eyes I was so happy. That was the same day I learned Betty White was gonna be a squintern on Bones! Oh happy day, indeed. (You've come a long way from St. Olaf, Rose) Also, a Sherlock special set in Victorian times airing on New Year's Day?? I didn't miss the homage to the Granada Sherlock Holmes, either. Brilliant! (Jeremy Brett is THE Sherlock Holmes. Period.) As for other shows...I'm bored with Castle; NCIS is still awesome; Bones is better than last season; blackish makes me laugh so hard; OUAT has just enough characters I like to balance out the ones I don't, so I keep watching. Also, Arthur and George was quite good. PBS is where it's at for British television, let's be honest. =)


And now to go make a cup of coffee before a little one yells, 'HEY MAMA.' =D

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