Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I've Learned... 30 trips around the sun:

1) First impressions are usually correct.

2) Growing things is magical.

3) Children are more genuine than adults.

4) Restaurants should always have bread on their tables.

5) Saving money is important and therefore hard.

6)  The best avenue for escape is books.

7) My parents were right more than I thought.

8) Bitterness is a waste of time.

9) Peer pressure is more prevalent in adults, but also more subliminal.

10) Emotional pain is worse than physical pain.

11) New stationary is always a good idea.

12) Hand stitched feels better.

13) Children's laughter is a balm.

14) Expensive bedding is actually worth it.

15) Observation is a super power.

16) Home grown food is best.

17) Space is fascinating.

18) Gifts should never come with strings attached.

19) TV shows and mini series are better than movies.

20) Personal happiness isn't a's the stuff of life.

21) Sometimes it takes drastic change to get on the right path. It's worth it.

22) Always avoid people who bring you down.

23) Real Christmas trees are prettier.

24) The Bible isn't as literal as some people assume.

25) Walking in woods and old houses is as good as medicine.

26) Every lesson doesn't have to be learned first hand; sometimes we just need to listen to advice.

27) Banjos are cool. No, really.

28) Sometimes the book AND the movie are good.

29) Learning never gets old.

30) I don't know much at all.

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