Monday, August 11, 2014

Finished Bathroom!!

Perhaps you remember the "before." Our walls were dark brown, we had linoleum on the floors, and a cheap, but newer faucet. (And laundry...but, well, that's still lurking in the closet.) The great flood caused much damage...but this was pretty bad. =P

I started with replacing the floors. We used the cheap, but functional peel and stick tiles. I like the color. (Also, there's our cat, Miss Matilda Mittens) Staggering them (unlike trying to line them up perfectly like I did in the guest bathroom) was so much easier AND it looks better!

And....TA DA! My Daddy (and his beautiful assistant, my Mama) installed the beadboard in the bathroom! He also framed out our boring mirror! It looks FANTASTIC! I went ahead and repainted using the same color as the dining room and kitchen. I had thought to paint the cabinet white, but I actually think it looks just fine with the beadboard and new wall color.
Check out the faucet. I love it. It feels like I'm washing my hands outside.

I still need to replace that pesky brass door knob on the closet and paint the ceiling...other than that, we are done for now. The next big bathroom project will probably be new shower hardware and tiling around the tub. But that can wait. For now, I'm enjoying (finally) having my bathroom put together for the first time since January!

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