Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flood Update #3

 The floors are looking great! I've still not taken pics of everything completely done...mostly because it isn't. But I expect to post some soon...There are some little things I want to do first.

Here is a shot of the finished beam. My Dad covered our old beam (before the flood, it was covered with drywall) with beautiful stained boards. It looks gorgeous. I am going to try to take a better pic, so you can fully appreciate it. :) He is so talented...
Oh, and check out that pretty banjo! It was one of my bday presents, because I'm wanting to learn. Just when I was starting to get the hang of it with my right hand, I realized the left was doing nothing...DANG IT!!! :) I guess I need more lessons... ;)

I had hand-painted trim work in the dining room. As you can see, we covered it with beadboard. I love it! And by "we covered it", I mean my Daddy...he's been helping with everything! And the rest of my family has pitched in, too. Everything is slowly coming back together. I can't wait to post complete "After" pics. 

I'm loving that winter is dying away and spring is around the corner. We've got seeds started indoors and we're planning an upcoming vacation to a warm clime. Ahhhhh....let the seasonal depression go away and make room for sunshine, dirt, and flowers!

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