Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's 2013

We had such a great Valentine's "season" this year...we spent the week with making treats, giving gifts, and enjoying being together. Aunt W even helped us decorate some cupcakes...isn't she great?

This next picture is of us smashing Oreos for truffles. The kids REALLY enjoyed this job!

We got together with my family and played Guesstures at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We gave out Valentines of truffles, cookies, and flowers. Speaking of flowers, these were my Valentine's presents from my husband! - Gladiolus, Strawberry Plants, and Seed Potatoes!!! YES!

My present to my husband was a video game of his choosing, and I also recited him a cute little story to go along with these seed packets...

When we first met you were a Bachelor
And you definitely weren't a Pansy
Soon we were hearing wedding Bells
And I will love you all the way through the Cosmos! :)

Our children got equally cheesy creative gifts. They each came in pots and included brownies, chocolate, and of course, flower seeds...

FORGET - ME - NOT...How Could We Forget You??

(For our youngest)

You Are Our Morning Glory, You Early Riser!

(For our sweet girl)

Learn How to Train Your Snapdragon!

(For our oldest...who obviously enjoyed the book ;)


These sort of things happen a lot when your entire family is clumsy...

My serene bathroom with a stem of my Valentine's flowers...Isn't my vase cute? I just hot-glued some burlap on it. =)

My freshly painted table with our conversation heart trees (thanks, Pinterest!) and my bouquets of flowers from Baba...

I hope you all had a fantastic week. I am in the middle of some home improvement projects for the coming week...including updating the dining room color. What do you think?

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