Sunday, February 24, 2013

Felt Heart Pin Cushion

Do you ever start a craft project with the best of intentions? And then you start absentmindedly working on that project only to realize you had made a mistake somehow? Well I was starting another felt heart bookmark like this one that I am selling in my Etsy shop:

Well, as you can imagine, the bookmark has a front and a back -- that's how it "holds on" to the page. (I also make a dinosaur version that has teeth! RAWR!!) The problem was that I had stitched too far and partially closed the opening. Instead of scrapping the cute little polka dotted thing, I decided to stuff it with felt scraps and make a pin cushion...

I think it looks quite cute in my goodwill muffin tin/supply sorter. :)

Sometimes what we assume is an irreversible mistake, turns into a blessing in disguise. And that's my crafting wisdom for the day. ;)

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