Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Food Experiments

Okay, so maybe experiment isn't the best word...but when you're a picky eater, everything new is experimental, even if the recipe is not. :)

I am sure if you have a Pinterest account like me, you have ran across some tasty looking recipes. Here are the three that caught our eye enough to try recently:

Just click on the above links to find the recipes and much better looking pictures!! Here we have the baked, not fried pickles. My husband, the cook, made them with the Vlasic pickles I bought him...I was not pleased with how they turned out. (I have started eating Gus' pickles...they are life-changing. Pretty much.) My husband, however really liked them...

Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of the chocolate granola bars...just take a peek at them via the above link. My husband and oldest really liked them. I thought they were the best of the 3. Also, they gave me the excuse to look like a good mom by buying wheat germ for the first time...always a plus.

And lastly, we have the asparagus tart...We will call it an asparagus pizza, though, since we used thin crust pizza dough for our recipe. I really like crispy, sauteed asparagus. This version didn't get crispy enough for me. As far as the pizza itself goes, though, my husband really thought it was tasty. It has the Gruyere cheese (hence the name). Since I found the smell alone icky unappealing to my palate, I didn't touch it.

Before baking with the asparagus and cheese...

 The golden brown result after baking...

Do you have any tasty recipes to share? 
I bought the ingredients for a Pioneer Woman pasta dish and homemade pretzel bites, too...those are our next conquests. :)


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