Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday weekend

Well this weekend houses my birthday. I shall be 28 years old this year. I am all snuggled up in a new pair of jammies from my husband. (an early present ;)) They are extra roomy and should last for a while. I have gotten down to 159 lbs due to the sickness and lack of appetite. I expect I will be able to fit in these for quite a while...

Speaking of fitting, I have also been in search of some new denim maternity skirts. I'm convinced the ones on sale at Motherhood are for pregnant Charlie's Angels. Looks like eBay may be in my future.

Well I just wanted to check in for a bit. Back to eating pickles, sunflower seeds, and chewy Chips Ahoy. Oh, and watching Rosemary and Thyme.

I just finished rewatching Lark Rise to Candleford this week...If you haven't seen it, you have 4 seasons to look forward to. (All can be found on

Minnie, Miss Margaret, & Queenie are probably my favorites...

The show makes me wish for simpler's similar to Cranford, but you have more to enjoy. I like to think I'm a hamlet girl at heart. :)

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