Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss Matilda Mittens, a bunkbed, & Twitter

We got a cat.

I've never had an indoor pet. Well, I did have some hamsters or something that got loose when I was young...but I don't remember their names.

Back to the present...

We got a cat. She lives inside. Her name? Miss Matilda Mittens.

Having an indoor pet is so strange to me. I am beginning to get used to her presence. I even like her. Well, she is kind of annoying at night when she stands there meowing at our door. And there was the one time she climbed up in the chair and breathed her cat breath on my freshly made scrambled eggs...But mostly she's cute and sweet and likeable.

She's also some sort or trapeze artist. I'm sure all of you with cats already knew that secret...

In other news, we also got a bunkbed this week. Mr. R's room makeover is almost complete! He has red stripes, blue accents, and some grayish silver sprinkled in. A most perfect color combo for the future President. One of the last tasks to be done is moving the crib from our room to big brother's. And for that reason alone, you may not get to partake of before and after pictures for a while. Mommy is having trouble letting go. After all, he's not 1 yet, so I still have that excuse!

And lastly... I got a twitter account. You can find me @DreamerDessa.

The day has begun and I must be going now. Bacon to get from the oven and coffee to drink!

God Bless,
Dessa :)

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