Thursday, July 14, 2011

What would you do if I sang out of tune?...

Sometime we just need a little help...

And here are some awesome places to find it!


Since I firmly believe that home should be a peaceful place where we can recoup from the stresses of life, (And since my children do things like dump full glasses of water on the kitchen floor, pour gallons of milk in the trashcan, and smear eggs into the carpet...) it feels good to be proactive sometimes. It all starts with a plan...and flylady will encourage you to make schedules and cleaning goals that work for your family.


Remember this?
Well, I remembered a handy dandy app we used to have called loseit. It is helping me reach my goal of fitting into that dress! I have been back on board for a little while...and I've been watching my calories (It counts them for me) and exercising (It tells me how many calories I've burned). I recommend it to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. After all...who wants to log onion rings and ice cream? Yeah...I didn't want to either.


This site not only offers a way to search the scripture, study different translations and read various commentaries, it also offers daily promises: biblical promises found in scripture. These promises are part of my morning routine. Follow the link to see your promise for the day! Interested in getting to know this controversial man named Jesus? See here.


He's got the right ideas about money. His common sense approach is quite uncommon: Don't spend more than you make, debt is dumb, low risk investing, tell your money what to do. He offers advice for dealing with collectors, real estate, college savings, paying off debt, and more. Click the listen live link to catch Dave's radio show. He tells it like it is...whether we want to hear it or not.


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