Monday, June 6, 2011

Knead Dough and finding my ankles....

Gone are the days of eating whatever I want, whenever I want and blaming it on swelling. (Farewell powdered donuts. I shall miss thee...) I'm down 28 lbs so far...and thankfully my large appetite has left me as well. I'm thankful for that because I have a goal. Let me warn you: it's a lofty goal.

I want to fit in my wedding dress by April 17th, 2012 - our 8th wedding anniversary.

I think it's a size 7 or something ridiculous like that. Adding to the pressure, one of my sisters is getting married next March. Since I am her maid of honor, and since she's encouraging me to lose weight, she is planning on buying the size dress she wants me to wear and then hoping for the best! Eek!

Are you worried? I'm not worried! I shared my wedding dress game plan with my sister:

  1. Find my ankles.
  2. Find my hips.
  3. Find the maid of honor dress.

The good news? Step one is complete! The swelling has went down and I can officially fit into more shoes than my white and black flip-flops. Ankles? Found.

On to step 2. Yeah... about that... Well, let's just say elastic waist bands are still my friend.

And now, moving on to a much more pleasant topic, did I mention how much I LOVE Knead Dough Pizza? (I know, who skips right from talking about weight loss to pizza? Me, of course.)

Take a look at this half-eaten pie.

Can you tell how awesomely gigantic those pepperonis are? They have so many varieties of pizzas toppings at Knead if plain pepperoni isn't your cup o' tea, branch out. They even have some sort of hamburger pizza with ketchup, mustard, meat and fixings. Oh, and they'll even throw on some french fries for good measure. My husband is partial to the white pizza (not pictured above...I think that one had chicken and bacon and spinach).

And you know what else is good? The cheesy bread...grilled with provolone. And the garlic knots...they bring them to you submerged in garlic butter. And the last time we were there (you know, when my ankles were still lost and I was shouting from the rooftops, "I'm just swollen, I tell ya!" while scarfing down pizza and guzzling Sprite?) our sweet waitress/owner lady brought a dessert to our table that will knock your socks off. They take little pieces of pizza dough, fry it, cover them in powdered sugar, and drizzle caramel over the top. Wow. Seriously yummy.

Here's the link for the locals if you're interested:

And now I need to stop talking about Knead Dough before I decide my appetite is back, I can live without my hips, and I can have my dress made 6 sizes bigger. 'Cause that wouldn't be good...

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