Monday, May 9, 2011

Granny's Little Rolodex of Wisdom...

Okay, so I just looked up the definition of rolodex, and it's technically not a is however the closest thing to describe it I can think of...

Memories. I have fond memories of visiting my Granny and Papaw in Kentucky. We went there often growing up...Making the 2 hour trek (it seemed like quite a distance at the time) to go spend the weekend. My mom's family all live in or around the same area, so a trip to Granny's meant that we also got to see our Aunts, Uncles, and cousins as well.

There are a few things that particularly stick out in my mind when I think about Granny's house:

~Her fried chicken and gravy and biscuits. (And fighting my cousin Nisha over the crumbs from the fried chicken)
~Arguing over who got to ride the coveted purple banana seat bicycle
~Granny and Papaw making us all laugh by fussing at each other (Think Ray's mom and dad from Everybody Loves Raymond...)
~Sitting around the kitchen table begging to be included in the adult's board games
~Watching the daily recording of "Price" while Granny fell asleep in the recliner
~Viewing Granny's of which was her "Rolodex of Wisdom" that sat on her cedar chest......

At some point in recent history, the Rolodex of Wisdom (Did I mention that I totally made that name up?) was gifted to me by my Granny. Basically, it consists of a little bit of wisdom for every day of the year. According to the 2nd card in it, it was used as a fundraiser to send the local high school Chamber Singers to Vienna, Austria in '83. It still smells like my Granny's old house...yellowed and foxed, and too young to look as old as it does. Part of it's charm, I'm sure...

All this to say...I'd like to start sharing some of the little bits of wisdom with you. Some of them are quotes, some you've probably already seen on Church signs and the like, some funny, some serious, and some that aren't very wise at all. =)

Maybe you'll find one of them true and applicable for your life...a little treasure to be opened up and shared. Here's an example from today...


Think this over:

Churches are filled with willing people
---- some willing to work and
the rest willing to let them.

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