Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello all. I just wanted to check in with everyone...

So what does life look like in my world right now? Well, we are all smitten with our 12-day-old addition to the family. He is absolutely perfect. I love everything about him...from his big eyes to his long toes (a gift from his Mama). Every 1.5-2 hours we have a date together. He's got such a big appetite! (a gift from his Daddy) So far he is quite different from our other two children... We'll see how things change in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As of yesterday big brother is no long a first grader. He is so excited about Summer vacation! (Cue the Phineas and Ferb song)

Big sister changes her attitude about baby brother quite often. It seems one minutes she's indifferent, the next she's inquisitive, the next she's showering him with kisses. Her sleep pattern has been way off these past few days. I think we are all just out of our normal routine. I'm excited to see what the "new" normal is going to look like.

Daddy is amazing, as usual. He has taken to being Mr. Mom like a pro: washing dishes, keeping up on the laundry, helping with diapers, playing rummy with big brother, telling stories to little sister, cooking for mommy, taking out trash, vacuuming...just all around being fantastic.

And me? Well, aside from some aches and pains, I'm doing pretty well. I am thrilled to be a mommy again. I am trying to enjoy and appreciate my time with my babies in the present, while also looking forward to our future. The house hunt is still on...and we are hoping to purchase our first home this summer! After seven years I am ready to settle into a house and plant some roots, so to speak. Speaking of planting, we replanted our spinach (which got neglected by a mommy with a thumb that's any color but green) and also planted some flowers. I haven't been able to help this year with my parent's garden, so I'm glad to at least have some potted veggies this year.

What will life look like next week? Next month? Next year? I'm not really sure. But, I plan on trying to be a better mom, Christian, and wife. Here's to happily adjusting with our new addition!

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