Wednesday, April 6, 2011

34.5 Weeks =)

*Disclaimer - If you don't care to read about pregnancy struggles, consider yourself forewarned...

Why am I posting when I am in the middle of the week? Because I am really wanting some steady journaling to look back on after #3 is here, of course. And since I just thought about the need to post, here goes...right in the middle of the week.

My little counter at the bottom of the blog says I have 39 more days to go. On days like today I wonder if I will make it that long. I had some painful contractions earlier today that left me squirming in bed, trying to get comfortable. (It's all coming back to me now...) I have also had heartburn. A lot. I drank orange juice this morning. Glorious orange juice. Like orange rivers of thirst quenching goodness, that's what it is. Until about 15 minutes later. And then I wonder how such a sweet and delightful liquid could produce such fire-breathing results...

I am also remembering what it's like to put on a smile when you feel physically horrible...After all, everyone, including my sweet family needs help. They can't help it. If it weren't for me they would never find their socks, the lid to the lego box, or the all important car keys. What can I say? I come with a built-in missing item detector. It's what I do. What can be said, though? I would feel pretty empty if I weren't I keep going...and smiling...cause life and happiness is worth it. I know, I know....pretty deep for just talking about being pregnant. (Or my preference, 'in the family way')

Another thing I am dealing with is this twinge in my back. Aside from the pain, it actually tickles me sometimes. It forces me to contort in hilarious ways...bringing me to the floor, making me do backbends, twisting, shouting, the works. My dear sweet husband always tries to help...and in between grimaces of pain and giggles, I really appreciate it.

Speaking of my husband, I am pretty sure there are no better in the whole wide world. He laughs with me, takes care of me, makes food runs, and listens to the gross details of an expectant mother in stride. He's amazing.

I'm having some more issues...but there are some things you just don't share with others. Except for your husband, who has to listen. I will just have to try to remember those things on my own...without the help of a blog.

Now, with all that said...I am ready to meet my little one. I am ready to hold him in my arms, give him snuggles and kisses, and see how he fits into our sweet little family. I am a blessed woman.

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