Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly Update - 25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks

Size of the Baby: 13.5 inches long

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Mommy's weight gain: 20 lbs. (Go figure! LOL)

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Name: (The jury's still out!)

Movement: He's a mover and a shaker...Felt hiccups a couple of times, I think!

Cravings: FOOD! =)

Symptoms: Feeling good for the most part! My back has been letting me know when I'm over-doing it, but other than that, I am good!

Baby's Highlights: According to online info baby's hair has finally taken on a color. (I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that we have another blonde haired, blue eyed child, though! ;)

I had my glucose test today (YUCK!) and got to hear the heartbeat again...Everything is measuring perfect and I have gained 20 lbs. total. After my next appt. I start going every 2 weeks! It is getting closer and closer!

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