Monday, January 31, 2011

To Do List - Next 15 Weeks

Well, we are down to 15 weeks 'til Baby's arrival! I am getting more and more excited as I anticipate this little one.
It seems I am developing quite the to do list for the coming weeks...Some of these are "want to do", some of these are "need to do", and some of these are "I would like to do if time permits!"

-Finish Spring Semester of 1st grade

-Organize Sunday School room for substitute teacher

-Help cast, organize and practice for Easter Drama 2011

-Buy playpen, pick up crib, continue stocking up on clothes and supplies

-Re-organize house to prepare for baby

-Start packing to move

-Continue home-buying research and planning

-Pick baby's name...or finally decide to keep the one we already like =)

-Plan and take Drama Retreat 2011

-Continue couponing




  1. Additional Item:
    -Get Husband to buy more mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas to make you for dinner