Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Couponing and Saving Money

I got introduced to the "couponing" concept in the Summer of 2009. (Thanks Sis. Camacho!) It really does work for saving your family money! I have a few websites that I regularly visit that help in learning to coupon and for sniffing out deals!
This website is from a lady right here in Middle TN! She has match-ups for several stores as well as internet deals. She also has a neat recipe box to look through if you are looking for new dinner ideas.
This website has a lot of posts for coupons for the typical mall stores, as well as deals around the internet and free samples.
This is one of my two favorite websites. She not only has match-ups and coupon links, but also takes the time to explain her personal financial decisions and philosophy. She also has some great recipes for cooking ahead and freezing.
This is the best (in my opinion) for the most detailed coupon match-ups. She will tell you what is on sale each week at the grocery store (Such as Kroger, Publix, Food Lion, etc.). She doesn't stop there, though! She tells you which coupons to use, which Sunday paper they were from, where you can find a coupon for it on the internet, and also if you should stock up on it! (Which means that it is a GREAT deal)

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