Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Season Preparations

For some it will come as no secret. Christmas is my favorite season (yes, to me it is a whole season, as well as a special day) of the entire year! While some people might have rolled their eyes when Hobby Lobby had rows of Christmas merchandise in September, I walked the aisles of twinkling ornaments, dark green wreathes, nativity scenes, tinsel and savored every minute of it.

So it probably doesn't come as a surprise that we decorate as soon as we can. Or, should I say as soon as it could even be remotely considered socially acceptable. That usually translates into November 1st for our family. This year that date was occupied with a practice at our Church...and since we couldn't possibly wait until the 2nd, and due to the fact that we also had plans at Church on the 31st of October....the tree went up on October 30th.

Only, there has been a slight hitch in our plans. You see, usually the tree is up AND decorated by November 1st. Today is November 15th and the tree has one ornament on it. The house is a total mess. Clean clothes are in mounds on the couch. Some (notice I said some) of the stuff from the back of the van has been brought into the new mini-den. ("mini-den" because I didn't like the space as a dining room...but I digress). Random children paraphernalia is sprinkled throughout the house. Schoolwork is scattered across Reagan's desk. How could one person's house fall into such disarray, you ask? Well, the reasons, I respond, are too many to mention. That's not the point, after all. The point is that there is only 1 month, 10 days til the big day and we aren't ready!

What does this mean for our family? It means that since Mommy is feeling better (for the most part) and Daddy and the kids are willing helpers...that this house is getting cleaned, organized, and Christmas-fied by week's end!

Now is the part when I show you the "before" pictures so I can ensure your bedazzlement when I reveal the "after" pictures. Except I won't. Cause I don't want to. And I don't have a camera handy. But instead I will leave you with this...

Why? Because it makes me feel better. After all, it isn't that bad. =) Happy decorating!


  1. You're too funny - 'cause I KNOW that isn't your house. And you're crazy for getting those decorations up now. :)

  2. hahahahah Dessa, My house is the exact same way right now. We have been so busy that you just have to let it go. I am guessing however that your house does not have "funk" ground into the carpet and trash littered about as we see here...lmbo....I know you better than that!

    Hope you get all of your decorating done. I'm going to do mine towards the end of the month and the tree right after thanksgiving. That's when they put the real ones out!