Monday, October 4, 2010


I am a back-of-the-cabinet dweller.

You see, in God's cabinet, among His vessels, I live in the back. A chipped, dusty coffee mug, perhaps. I sit and I wait for God's hand to reach back, far back, into the cabinet and wrap around me.

I am not used in the same way as the front row dwellers. I will never be as polished and put together as those. I am still, however, God's vessel. And though I don't feel His hand as often as I would like, I know I am still in His care. Because, you see, every once in a while...God needs me.

He reaches to me, cleans me up, fills me to the top, and uses me...

And you know what? I am learning to just wait and be ready.

After all, remember all my fellow back-of-the-cabinet be used by the King is no small honor. Remember no matter how flawed you may feel, you are a special vessel to God. He wants you in His cabinet. He wants to use you.

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