Monday, August 16, 2010

The Problem with Pride - Part 1

Pride. It's such a small word, for such an enthralling problem. It may mean something different to you than it does to me...And there's a good chance neither of us would be wrong.

After much study and prayer about the subject I have come to some realizations about the issue of pride.

1) It is the root source for a whole lot of other problems.

2) It can quickly snuff out one's fire for God.

3) It has the potential, if left unchecked, to completely skew one's thought pattern.

In praying for God's help in pinpointing the faults and flaws in my character, so I can attempt to change, I have found that pride is the root of many of my struggles, both inward and outward.

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me list a few of the faults that have and do haunt me:






On the surface, these faults don't seem to have much to do with the vice of pride. However, on closer examination they are all connected. I visualize it like the tree you see above. Pride is the trunk and roots. The other problems listed are just branches growing from the source: Pride. Haughtiness close to judgement. Control with impatience. Vanity with it's own branch.

Let me begin with Control. The need for a person to always have control shows a lack of trust in anyone else's, including God's at times, ability to perform as well as oneself. I need to be in control. I want to make sure it is done correctly. No delegation. No trust. Control. Control=Pride.
Next there is Impatience. Impatience has been a near constant companion of mine for years. Let me illustrate a Biblical instance of impatience. Jesus comes to Martha and Mary's home. Martha is working her tail off. Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus. Martha is impatient with Mary. (After all, it was probably hot in the kitchen, heat makes a body cranky to begin with, and Mary is sitting down for goodness sakes!! ;) ) Martha thought she knew how things should go. She knew what Mary should have been doing. In her mind, Martha's ways were better than Mary's ways. She was impatient with Mary. Have you ever met anyone who would, "rather just do it myself!" They may be like me...impatient with other people. Impatience=Pride.
Part 2 coming soon...

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