Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I've Been Up to Lately...

I noticed that there was a gap in my posts between March and July. We were so excited to get to spend a week in Florida in April to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! We got to visit Disney World, Legoland, and spend the week swimming and playing with minimal responsibilities. It was magical! :)

Our youngest had a birthday in May. He's growing up so fast! I know we always say things like that...but I can't believe that much time has passed. Sometimes I sit and think how many more years I'll get to be with each child...and it's very bittersweet for me. I think since we lost our tiniest family member, I've been even more cognizant of the time I have with them.

June brought a trip with my sisters and Mom to Holiday World. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, aside from being terrified by The Voyage. (Me, not them...) But not my Mom...who yelled at some point during the ride, "THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!" ... My reaction was a mix of mirth and befuddlement on that one... =D And how could I possibly come back home reminding my kids how much fun Holiday World is without taking them the next weekend? That wouldn't do. We all had so much fun...and this time we were all big enough to ride some rides!

This month my focus has been on the house and school curriculum. We are hoping to (finally!) get to start work on our unfinished upstairs. Somehow that makes me feel the urge to get the downstairs really in order. Maybe it's the thought of having another room to clean?? Thankfully everyone here pitches in on the housework. 

I just finished (if we ever really finish) buying school curriculum for this fall. I think I've finally begun to accept that my homeschool style is that I don't have least not a nailed down, "Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, Waldorf" type style. It's just a mix of what works for us. I'm still learning and growing, too. I like that. :) 

And finally, for last couple of weeks' productivity has been broken up with binge-watching the new-to-me, Chuck. And much laughing. Someone needs to erect a statue to Netflix... ;)

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