Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Flood

And I didn't even have the time to prepare an ark.

Our house had a minor flood that caused lots of damage. Not too much structural damage...just a lot of pain in the neck damage.

So I'm spending my days (with help) trying to get our house back in order. I'm sweeping the plywood in the living room and dining room. I'm scooting the cabinets back to their normal places. I'm plugging the coffee pot back up. I'm moving on. It's just life.

In the process of this blessing in disguise I get some new flooring. And lots of paint. And since my dining room light fixture turned into an overflowing fountain, I get a new fixture, too. I've been scouring my Pinterest decorating page trying to figure out what look I want. I love this look for the bathroom:

I found this vanity from Home Depot that looks like a good match.

And I'm looking at this for the dining room light fixture...I want something without lots of scroll work. Just something simple. 

We shall see how it all pans out. And hopefully I will be adding pics soon to show the damage. (And in the near future I hope to show amazing "after" pictures.) :)

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  1. I like! This is the first time I've ever been on your blog (rarely have time to read them), and could get lost in pintrest, so I keep away from there a lot, too.

    Just wanted to tell you, you all have been on my mind. Love & miss you!