Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthdays, Novel-writing, 1776, the Doctor, and Underwear

My sisters (twins) celebrate their fantastically patriotic birthdays tomorrow. [HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IF YOU'RE READING!!] They shall be 23 years old. :)

We have no plans tomorrow (when told this revelation my husband promptly let out a sigh of relief). I did buy a watermelon which seems to be a required 4th of July sort of thing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a hermit...I'd make a darn good one. I love being at home and don't savor crowds. Perhaps just an introverted homebody, then... :) I digress. Perhaps just glow-sticks, watermelon, and fireworks with my little family. Yes, that sounds fantastic! :) Oh, and we must watch 1776. (The best Declaration of Independence musical with Mr. Feeny as John Adams that was ever made. Period.)

Did you ever want to write a novel? When I'm reading a historical fiction Christian romance novel [gulps for breath] like I often do, I think to myself, 'I could write this.' Then I try to write and I begin to see that it's more of an art than I originally thought! But I think I would still like to keep trying. And then give away my books on amazon until one of them got good reviews and I promptly add a $1 for every other book I write...I could make millions!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!


I'm in that sort of mood.


Okay, so you know I'm slightly obsessed with British television, right? Hmmmm...yeah. I just love it. And if Sherlock indeed comes out on October 31st (doubtful, but possible), I'm afraid I'm going to have to hop a flight to Heathrow and watch it in the first available hotel... And here I am digressing again. (Who am I kidding though...I'm thinking 1% of my readers will actually read the words, while the rest skim for pictures, see there are none, and go to the next blog on the list! =)=) Lately I have become much more interested in the Doctor...I must say I was put off by the flatulence found within that season 1 episode...which caused a break in my watching. But my husband and I picked up with David Tennant and it got so much better! (And since I've went back and found Mr. Eccleston to be a sweetly quirky Doctor as well...but farting aliens...why?!) I do fear that I'm the only person in my set that likes British TV this least there's Pinterest. :)

And lastly, we've started the dreaded potty training. EEK! =/ so my little boy is turning into quite the big boy. He's such a sweet little thing...well, when he's not hitting or biting that is...His favorite things are cars, trucks, our pet cat and goldfish, his stuffed puppy, his blanket, guacamole, asparagus, and playing with his brother and sister. <3 p="">
So....that's the end. Except of course to say, have a happy Independence Day!!!

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