Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Morning Cup of Coffee

My Morning Coffee Station:

To all my fellow coffee drinkers out there: Don't you just LOVE your first cup of coffee in the AM? When my brain is fuzzy and all 3 children are asking for one thing or another, I grab my trusty coffee and its warm goodness melts all my cares away...

Let the children begin...

Or not, but at least I'm enjoying something tasty while my kids are demanding my attention. Do your children ever act that way? Do they start as soon as their feet hit the floor? Mr. Almost Two has decided that short, repetitive bursts of screaming from his crib will do the trick. Miss E meanders into the kitchen to find the sippy cup of chocolate milk that her Daddy always makes before he leaves for work. Big Brother has started trying to sleep a little later (God Bless him) - which isn't easy when your kid brother is banshee-screaming across the room. So we end up with all 3 children out and about, being kid-like and wanting stuff. Yes, I know, I should wake up before them and be all domestic-y, but that's hard when you're tired! (Not to mention that whole vitamin-d-deficiency-feeling-like-I'm-an-elderly-person thing. Different story for the different day...)

Like Sophia Patrillo, I digress.

Back to coffee...

Can I just shamelessly plug Keurig coffee makers while I'm at it? My husband got one for his 30th last year and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. It spoils us, to be sure. When the kcups run out we turn into petulant children because who wants to use the cup you have to fill yourself?! And the Add More Water thing has got to go. Ain't nobody got time for that. I mean couldn't it just tap into the faucet somehow?? Perhaps have a magic Distilled Water Fairy? I jest...mostly. 

(Isn't my little bouquet adorable? My son and I collected them while trimming one of the bushes in the backyard. Any clue what kind it is? Anyone?)

Mr. Almost Two is having a Curious George party soon...his mommy has been making peel-able banana invitations, material-covered party hats, and this little beauty...

Good thing I love crafting and sewing...or I'd be mighty bitter toward Pinterest for giving me such good ideas. :) Hopefully my little monkey will enjoy his little monkey party. And hopefully he won't bust an entire carton of eggs on the kitchen floor in celebration of turning 2, like his big brother did...Or sneak an egg into his bedroom and rub it into the carpet like his sister did...Ya know...Maybe I should stop typing and go check on them... ;)


  1. Hey I was looking on PBS website to see what Sesame Street stuff they had for Carter's birthday and they have alot of Curious George stuff. Like party supplies, clothes, toys, book, movies.