Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm bored

I've been in bed the past few days.

I'm so bored I could cry. Have you ever had to be in bed for a while? I have read two books, looked at pinterest to the point that I'm over it...and I've watched tv shows on hulu and youtube. I've tried to remotely help with the kids. I've eaten. (And eaten and eaten...don't worry...mostly sunflowers seeds. Not horrible for me...but I think the extra salt has burned off my taste buds.) I've thought about things I should be doing. I've felt guilty, I've cried, I've laughed. But now...I'm so bored.

I need new ideas. I'm stuck in bed...feeling miserable...and feeling sorry for myself. I need to do something.

I could go to,,,, and even the pitiful AGAIN.

I could browse pinterest AGAIN and look at people's near nakedness and their attempts to show off their physical fitness. OH...and console myself with the fact that physical exercise not profiting much is biblical. Can't forget that...

Let's see...I could watch The Cosby Show again. Even though I've seen them all several times.

I could watch the new Elementary episode. They should have posted it by now.

I could plan school for next week with the hope that I will actually get to teach it.

I could study the Bible, the Waldorf education book, or the Philosophy book that are on the bed here with me.

I could plan my Farmer's Market stand that I may never get to have, since I will probably be in this bed for the rest of my life. (I know...I'm so encouraging.)

I could play peek-a-boo with baby again. He likes that.

I could brag about my husband on twitter again. 'Cause heaven knows he deserves it. (No sarcasm this time. The man is amazing. I don't deserve him...and yet I'm thankful I don't have to live with some man I do deserve...)

I could set up some unrealistic goals for myself about weight, healthy eating, lifestyle, organization, financial goals, child-rearing, etc... They would make me feel good at least for the moment. (Because I can't try and then fail at them while in this stupid bed)

I could think to myself that complaining doesn't help anything, that I am blessed, that I should grin and take it.


I could blog about my frustrations.

Yes...that's what I'll do.



Let me begin.


I don't really feel like complaining. ;)

But if you have any ideas for me, please let me know.

Because I am, after all, very, very BORED.

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