Saturday, September 1, 2012


Today I'm reflecting on God's goodness and mercy toward His children. I've been pondering what life would be like if He answered every prayer. What would your life look like? In my foolishness I've prayed for things that in hindsight were completely wrong for me. And how often does God protect me not only from what I later see as inopportune, but from things I've never even considered were wrong or bad? It's through His mercy that He allows us to go through trials, and because of His goodness that He doesn't answer every prayer. Sometimes I can look back and it all makes sense. Sometimes I look back and I still don't understand. But He is so far above me.

I've been dealing with some things lately that are very private and close to my heart. Sometimes in my humanness I question God. Why am I going through this? Why can't things happen in my time? Couldn't this situation be different? Please?!

I like control and I am not a fan of waiting. There is no need to hide these facts. He is after all, all-knowing. He knows my every strength (through Him) and every weakness.

Every time I make a mistake, every time I sin, every time I look in my heart and realize there is something ugly there...He is right there with me. He is having mercy, loving me, and picking up the pieces and helping me.

The beauty that comes from my ugliness [in actions, thoughts, & my heart] is that gentle reminder that I need to show mercy to receive it. I need to grant forgiveness to obtain it. I need to keep God's highness and my lowness in mind - not to have a lack of self-worth, but to continually realize my utter helplessness and complete need for Him.

So I am reflecting today on His goodness and mercy. And thankfully I feel a little more encouraged today than yesterday. And I'm reminding myself that He's right here with me. The next time I question Him, He won't be threatened...but will in His goodness and mercy find a way to remind me that He has it all under control.

I'm going to be just fine.

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