Monday, August 27, 2012

Third Grade, Kindergarten, & Red Scribbles

Well, the school year is underway here at our house. We started a week ago today. This year I am using a different curriculum for Mr. R. So far, so good! We have been using A Beka for all of his subjects, and supplementing from various websites. This year we are using My Father's World. I LOVE the Teacher's manual, and the easy, attainable daily goals. He is also doing well so far with Singapore math. He is working on the 2B section and working his mental math. I see that he is going to surpass me soon!
Dad has agreed to take over the computer and literature curriculum. Right now R is learning to program his own video games, and is reading Peter Pan.
With the morning heavy workload (with MFW), I am finding that the school day is much more doable for our family. He also gets to spend more time on interest led activities like video game development, learning French vocabulary, and creating with Legos.
Miss E is working with A Beka as of now, and doing very well. She wants to learn to read, so she's working on letter recognition. Next come sounds and blends. She will stare at the clock because she can't wait until the big hand gets to the 12, and the little hand gets to the 8!
Not to be outdone by those siblings before him, Baby R has already been scolded (mildly, of course...) for drawing in red crayon on his bedroom wall. Yeah. We have a wall-art Hall of Fame around here.

So what have your artists/students/workers been up to?

Enjoy your school year!

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