Tuesday, May 8, 2012

List #1 - Weekly Tasks

Since just copy and pasting FlyLady's todo lists never worked (duh.), I've developed my own lists...and I wanted to share. These are a work in progress... I hope they work for us! I get overwhelmed thinking about my life as a whole sometimes. When I break it into manageable pieces and take time to pray and focus and plan, I have hope that I can do everything I need to do! I will never have a perfect home or life, but I can and will do better!!!

This is my weekly task list...these don't fit into the schedule every day, but happen every week.

Monday - Mop Floors
                Cut Coupons

Tuesday - Visiting/Errands

Wednesday - Church - PM

Thursday - Grocery Shopping
                  Date Night <3

Friday - Meal Planning

Saturday - Coffee Date <3
                 School Planning
                 Weed Flower Beds/ Mow Lawn
                 Clean Van/Windows/Tubs/Vacuum

Sunday - Coffee Date <3
               Church - AM/PM
               School Planning
               Budget Meeting

YMCA - Varies until classes started for kiddos


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