Thursday, April 26, 2012



Second grade is almost over. I am looking at various curriculum options for this fall. The option that was the best fit for this school year has been a more student-independent approach. Having a baby in the house has proven to be a challenge to being as involved as I'd like. Since baby is growing up and becoming more independent, it's time to consider a new approach to R's education this fall. I also need to make the decision (with my husband) about whether to start E's kindergarten year or give her another year of preschool training. I'm grateful that both my children love school time. I want to make sure that we continue down that road so learning continues to be a positive experience for all my children.

It's been quite a journey so far. I've went from being self-conscious about the decision to provide a home education, to being comfortable with the decision, to having to stop myself from judging other people's choice to send their children to a sometimes generic public education. I'm learning that even though I don't always get the respect for making the decisions that are best for our family, that I still need to give that respect to others. It's sometimes hard to hold my tongue when I hear very ignorant statements about home-educated children. I suppose I don't have to spend my time being defensive, though. I need to be a little more thick-skinned.. I do have to say that the above website has some very humorous t-shirts related to the pre-conceived notions about home educated children. The shirt that warns others to beware of interacting with an "unsocialized homeschool kid" is particularly cute. =) 

I have so many ideas about education that I have to battle in my own mind... I've been reading about "unschooling." I am trying (and failing, mostly) to get out of the mindset of a traditional classroom. The choices of our family might look strange to others, but they need only be perfect for us

And so, I look forward to this fall...and all the possibilities of another school year. With God's help we have the opportunity and calling to shape our children's education. I'm proud to be a homeschooling family. And to all my fellow weird, strange, unique and wonderful home educating families out there...I salute your sacrifices and devotion to the education and improvement of your children - the biggest blessings and responsibilities God has entrusted us with. 

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