Thursday, June 30, 2011


Our little family is so happy with the newest addition. Baby is already 6 weeks old (WOW!) and growing every day. I have forgotten how it feels to be the parent of a newborn. I forgot the details of frequent clothing changes, dirty diapers, and sleep deprivation.

I am remembering the sweetness of toothless smiles, tiny fingers around mine, and swaddled, cuddly, warm, naptime buddies. Having another little one has revealed to me the growing age and size of my other two children. It is hard to believe that so much change can happen in 6 short years.

We are still awaiting word on buying a house... We are leaving it in God's hands. He has taken care of us so well for so long. We want His perfect will to be done.

We recently received the 2nd grade curriculum for R. I also ordered some preschool curriculum for my baby girl. I want to keep sharing our homeschool experiences with you all. It's something that feels perfectly right for our family. I love having the opportunity to teach my children at home.

I have some ideas for posts I'd like to make in the near future if it's God's will... One is on Home Missions, the other is about Modesty Puzzle Pieces. (It will make more sense later...)

Until then...

God bless you and yours.

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