Sunday, June 12, 2011

In My Father's Care

My little one and I have been snuggling a lot these past few weeks. It's one of my new favorite pastimes, in fact. During these times of close contact I have time to really think about this precious gift God has given my family. I think about what an honor it is to be a parent. I also have dwelt on the enormous responsibility that parenting presents. I want so much to be a good mother to all my children. When our little one arrived I spoke to my husband about this. We discussed how we were starting with a clean slate, so to speak. In other words, I haven't messed up with this child. I haven't been impatient, annoyed, or distracted. I haven't gotten frustrated with him, yelled at him, or had to question my discipline. As a parent, I pray that I am doing right by my other children, but I know I have made mistakes in the past. It's such a refreshing feeling knowing that with baby number 3 I get a chance to learn from past mistakes and try to be better.

When I think about my imperfect parenting skills, I am reminded of how perfect the love of God is toward His children.

He loves unconditionally.
His patience is impeccable.
He wants my love in return.
He takes care of my every need.
He desires close contact.
I am helpless, but He is always my provider.

My relationship with my newborn is a reflection of my relationship with God. I am completely and totally dependent on Him, just like baby is with me. He is perfectly patient with me, as I should be with baby. Baby and I desire close contact with each other. In fact, baby needs contact and love to survive. Baby is helpless. Without God, so am I.

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