Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Update, Blessings, & Sweet Sugar Belle

Well, if you are wondering if we have secretly had baby and are holding out on'd be wrong. I'd love to give you some exciting news in this update, but alas...there is none. I sincerely hope there is something to tell very soon...but for now, you will have to wait.

Speaking of baby...we recently received a gift for our third child. (Actually we have already received several gifts, for which I am beyond grateful. From new clothes to hand-me-downs I am so thankful for it know who you are! Blessings to you!) This gift wasn't just any gift. It was truly a work of art. A precious man from our church crafted us a cradle. The color, detail, and craftsmanship are all remarkable. It's pure white with wooden rockers...and I am absolutely baffled that he took the time to make this for our baby. Here's a little peek at it:

This picture was taken in the foyer of our Church. Is it not gorgeous? (The cradle, not the foyer. Although, we have a really nice foyer. Did I mention my Church is filled with amazingly talented people who can do everything, including decorate? I digress.) I can't wait to lay our little bundle in it and admire him.

(Que the transition to admiring the cookie blog)

Did I type that out loud? Oops...


I love crafty people. I love food. I love decorating. I love neat ideas. I love reading people's blogs that just seem to have it together. Speaking of all those facts...after doing some blog-surfing yesterday I ran across this blog:

~The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle~

Now let me just insert here that I am not a cook. I don't pretend to be a cook. I do however admit to loving food. And things that are pretty. So, if you check out this blog, you will see why I think it's so great. This lady is a rock star cookie artist. Seriously.

And now I must go. Do what, you ask? Finish eating my muffins. Tidy up the house. Kiss my babies. And wait. Like I've been doing. Since last August. Yeah. It's been that long... =)

Happy Day!

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