Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to drop in to say: Happy New Year!

2010 has held quite a few changes for our family.

We moved. (again...)
We started 1st grade. (Okay, R did. I just helped...)
We found out that we were expecting our 3rd gift from God. In spite of a few rough months for all of us, we are so thrilled. I can't wait to hold this little person in my arms!
We tried 2 Dinner Theater productions this year.
My husband got promoted (because he is an awesomely intelligent, hard working man)

Notable Happenings:
July 2010 marked 5 years of making up our mind to serve the Lord! For real! (too many bumps and mistakes in the road since to recount, but we are staying on the path!)
As of this fall, I have taught Sunday School for 5 years. It is such an honor to get to spend time with great kids and love on them while teaching the Word.
January, 2011 marks 5 years of New Life Drama Team.

I am so excited about what 2011 holds for our family. I have a feeling more changes are around the corner. I only hope that we can honor God in all we do.

Happy New Year!

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