Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New School Year Adventure

Last Fall we started on the journey to homeschool our son, R. We had listened to everyone's opinion. (And boy are folks passionate about the subject!) We heard everyone's fears. (He'll probably have a hard time making friends, He would benefit more in a public school. Public school was good enough for you!, etc. All valid points.) We talked about it. Prayed about it. And we decided homeschooling was the best fit for our family.

This past year has been far from a perfect school experience. There have been times of doubt when I thought the naysayers were right. 'Maybe I'm not cut out to teach at home.' 'Maybe it would have been best for him to go to public school.' But I have to say, with just a few loose ends to tie up before the end of Kindergarten year, I have come to a different conclusion.

During the day by day grind, I have fought discouragement...But looking at the bigger picture, I think this past year was an overall success. R has done fantastic with his school work. There are days that I don't even feel needed because he "already know[s] how to do that, Mommy." =)

And so, with one year under our belt, we press on toward 1st grade. I have learned some lessons from this past year. Perhaps one of the most important being that I can do this! (By God's grace and help!)

I don't know what the future holds. I don't know what kind of education R will have in the coming years. Only God knows where He will take us. But one thing is for sure, I won't regret the time I've spent staying at home and teaching my little boy. I have been challenged, but I have felt so fulfilled.

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  1. When my little five year old can read 50+ books over the course of a few months and write his own story, I think I'd call that a success. Thanks for working so hard teaching our son. You've done a great job.